AVARIAvs To Release Nov. 8th

AVARIAvs To Release Nov. 8th

Announced today, AVARIAvs will be released on Steam on November 8th of this year.


In AVARIAvs, players choose a party of 3 heroes to battle against an opponent’s party. During battle, opposing players choose their actions simultaneously and then witness the mayhem of their decisions. Combat rages on until one winner reigns victorious by decimating their opponent’s HP to zero.

There’s still a bunch of final features, polish, and pother things to complete before Juncture Media launches their fast paced turn based game, and to this end there will be a 3rd and Final Closed Beta Weekend this coming weekend, Oct 19th – 21st, for Kickstarter backers and press.

If you want to learn more about the development of AVARIAvs and the people behind this innovative game, check out our interview with lead developer Andrew Linde here:


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