Indie Spotlight: Auti-ism by Taylan Kadayificioglu

Indie Spotlight: Auti-ism by Taylan Kadayificioglu
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There are very few games with as an intense and disturbing experience like that can be found in Auti-ism. Taylan Kadayifcioglu led a team during Vancouver’s Hacking Health hackathon to create this sim that allows the player to see the world as a autistic child with sensory hypersensitivity.

You navigate through a playground filled with children. As you explore the playground, the children’s laughter becomes louder to the point of being painful shrieking.  The closer you are to the noise, the more unbearable it becomes. Static fills the screen increasing the discomfort of the viewer. This doesn’t stop until you escape to a quiet corner and give yourself time to settle down.

This game is designed to simulate the experience felt by people with the disability and basically “irritate the hell out of your senses”. This is a very difficult game to get through more than a minute or two. But, it gives a revealing insight on a serious condition. It also asks whether or not this can be considered a game.

That alone places it squarely in the “indie” arena, in my opinion, and deserves at least a look by anyone that is interested in games that demand that you see things from a different perspective.

The game has been garnering a wide range of reactions. You can make your own opinion by checking it out here


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