Asura: Vengenace Expansion Now Available

Asura: Vengenace Expansion Now Available

Asura was a surprise hit for me; a rogue-like game combining the mythology of India, the solid mechanics of Diablo and the innovation of a randomly generated skill tree so that each playthrough was a different experience, and a new opportunity to try a different build.

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Asura: Vengeance is a free expansions which released on the 29th  of September. It adds a ton of new features to the core game, as well as a whole bunch of new content:

Here are the core features of Asura: Vengeance:

Vengeance Mode: An endless mode with a brand new level where in you resist the invading hordes of the Daeva empire. Eliminate as many waves of enemies as possible and compete on the leaderboard with your friends.

Chakra System: A new persistent system where in defeating the bosses will unlock unique perks which can be equipped during the beginning of every run.

Mahasura Difficulty: A new difficulty mode for the hardcore who are looking for a challenge. In Mahasura Difficulty, any enemy, boss or champion can spawn regardless of the fortress. Oh yes! Your weapon will get destroyed when you get burnt.

Shamshan: Save your Asura at Shamshan ( Crypt ) and show off the epic gears and ultimate skills you acquired during your invasion.

New Items: New artifacts and drops items have been added to the roster and will drop to boost your stats while in combat.

New Rooms: Sacrifice your blood in the goblet of Amrut for rewards or test your luck at the dice game called Passa. New rooms have been introduced to the procedural fortresses (levels) in the game.

That’s a TON of new content to explore, and the new mechanics, including a persistent system of advancement, are wonderful additions to an already solid game.

Want to learn more about the development of Asura and the people behind it? Check out our IndieDev Interview with Developer Zain Fahadh here.

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