Astroneer Launch Window Announced

Astroneer Launch Window Announced

In early October of last year, a very cool trailer circulated for a game called Astroneer. The game, being created by System Era Softworks promised exploration, world building and cooperative space adventures, but come to find out was a bit more of a gamble than was let on.

Earlier today in a short dev blog post, the System Era Softworks development team talked about their challenges and successes in funding Astroneer, as well as when we should be expecting the game to reach Early Access launch.

After the positive reception of our announcement and the warm support from early fans, a number of potential avenues of financing became available. Several weeks ago we were able to secure a small amount of funds from several smaller, non-traditional sources. These extra funds have enabled the entire team to come on to the project full time, and to work on refining the quality of the game for longer before we need to release.

Therefore, having staved off the immediate financial threat, the group of us have decided to extend the development timeline into the latter half of the year, targeting an EA release at the end of summer, beginning of fall. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that the extra time and manpower will enable us to produce a higher quality Early Access release and road map…The extra time to develop, test, and polish will help us to ensure that we can deliver to you exactly what we want in the time that it will need.


I don’t see this as bad news at all (not to be contradictory towards the System Era team!). It’s wonderful to see Independent studios securing funding, and a higher quality product is always more desirable than a buggy game you get quick.


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