Armello Launches v1.3: Lock & Key

Armello Launches v1.3: Lock & Key

League of Geeks has put out another free major update to Armello, which went live yesterday. This update, title “Lock & Key” adds a couple of things that are sure to encourage random online play, and adjusts some preexisting mechanics in game.

The largest addition to come with Lock & Key is the addition of…well…Locks and Keys:

From v1.3 onward, as a reward for participating in public multiplayer games (any game where you’ve queued to find players), players may be awarded either a Chest or Key upon completing a game. When unlocked, these chests yield glorious and bountiful treasures in the form of dice skins…These dice skins can be traded or sold through the Steam Marketplace and can also be transmogrified to obtain skins of higher rarities.

The first wave of Dice Skins featured in v1.3 are the Wyld’s Bounty Collection. This will contain ten (10) new sets of varying rarity that players can hunt for.

Here are a few of those skins that you can hope to find.








In addition, followers are now free to equip. These use to cost gold, and Blake Mizzi has given a breakdown of the decision to change this:

“We decided to make Followers in Armello, which cost Gold, free in this latest update. Some Followers will still credit the player with Rot, but by far the majority are now free. We did this as a response to the reduced flow of Followers occurring in games compared to Treasures (which are effectively free). Gold is a resource that is stretched across many activities in Armello, from playing Trickery Cards, to equipping Items and playing consumables. Having Followers also require this resource was heavily hampering their use. Like Treasures we’re going to maintain the Rot gain which help us to empower, balance and theme these very special cards. We’d much rather see these awesome little characters join you on your quest for the throne more often and allow more players to mix their abilities in interesting ways. After all you are a hero seeking the throne of Armello, journeying across the land, venturing into a dark dungeons or completing a Quest is enough to earn their favour and loyalty.”

There are other changes and additions as well, all of which can be found in the releases full patch notes.

Now, excuse me…I need to go dice hunting.

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