Albino Lullaby Rebrands; Episode 2 Coming

Albino Lullaby Rebrands; Episode 2 Coming

Albino Lullaby always stood out to me among the sea of horror games. First, because it contains no gore and no jump scares, the two primary horror elements most other horror games seem to rely on. Second, because it scared me so fundamentally I still remember how it felt to walk out of the cage you begin the game it, and I can still hear myself saying “NOPE” over and over again to myself.

We’ve only ever been able to experience the first episode of Albino Lullaby, and Justin Pappas, the lead developer of Albino Lullaby has been hard at work on Epsiode 2. Finally, we have an update, and it brings with it some surprising news:

Ape Law has announced that March 22, 2018 is the release date of Episode 2, and that they’ve rebranded the episode as Alice’s Lullaby.

While a rebrand does make me suspiciously raise an eyebrow,  we also got an excerpt from Episode 2, full of psychedelic colors, creepy creatures, and the series characteristic no-gore, no-jump scares horror.

The name might be different, but it’s the same pants-wettingly good horror game we met in Episode 1:

Episode 1 was about discovering a strange new world, but in Episode 2 we explore it’s characters and introduce a very important character, Alice. ‘ExploraStoryTelling’ continues to be the driving force of Alice’s Lullaby with uncovering fiction by players exploring the gameworld from the perspective of both Alice and the melty version of YOU from Episode 1

– Justin Pappas, Lead Game Designer

Want to learn more about Albino Lullaby and the mind behind it? Check out our IndieDev Interview with Justin Pappas here.

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