Aftercharge Introduces The Builder

Aftercharge Introduces The Builder


Chainsawesome Games have just revealed the enforcer team’s third character in their upcoming game Aftercharge.

Named  Clearly designed with support and map control in mind, the Builder has a number of trick up his sleeves to control the Workonics robots:

Builder is armed with a shotgun: deadly up close, but he lacks long range support.

His primary ability is to deploy a barrier to can be used to  block off paths or entire areas. The Workonics robots can destroy the barriers, but by hitting them, they’ll be revealed for a couple of seconds.

The Builder’s second ability is to install a  temporary recharge station on the battlefield. This will let his team members keep the pressure on the robots across the entire field of battle.

Want to see the Builder in action? Well, you wont have to wait long! The first Aftercharge public beta test will be taking place October 13, 14 and 15! Spread the word! Invite your friends! Get ready to kick some robot butt!

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