A Fold Apart Now on Fig

A Fold Apart Now on Fig

A Fold Apart was easily one of the best puzzle games I saw at PAX East earlier this year, combining a heartwarming and poignant narrative about long-distance love, and a mechanic that was both innovative and aesthetically interesting.

A Fold Apart is now funding on fig.co, a crowdfunding firm that, unlike Kickstarter or Indiegogo, give backers a chance to invest in the future revenue stream of a game.


A Fold Apart is a 3D puzzle game about the emotional struggle of a long distance relationship set in a world of folding paper.

Inspired by origami and papercraft, our award-winning game mechanic allows players to fold and manipulate the paper world, to both literally and metaphorically navigate the struggles of a long distance relationship – based on a true story

As I said in my initial coverage. A Fold Apart may have one of the most successful marriages of mechanic and narrative I’ve ever seen in a puzzle game, using the mechanic to reinforce the symbolism and message of an emotional and touching story.

This mechanic involves folding the environment in different way to create new pathways for the characters to travel, a very apt representation of the twists and turns you have to make when trying to make a long distance relationship work. Lightning Rod Games really have created something innovative, unique and special that give the game immediate notability and curiosity.

While the puzzles I’ve experienced at this point are fairly straightforward, it’s easy to see avenues in which they might get more inventive or more difficult. Even from the little bit I’ve experienced, I already respect the storytelling chops at play (and the decision to make this a story about any kind of love, regardless of gender), but it’s got to have solid, challenging gameplay to get my full praise, so I’m eager to see what is coming.

A Fold Apart is looking to meet a $45,000 goal by July 19. If you’d like to learn more about the game or the investment opportunities on fig.co, check out the game’s funding page

The game is currently expected to  be completed by Valentines Day of 2019.


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