A Druid’s Duel To Be Released Feb 25

A Druid’s Duel To Be Released Feb 25

Earlier today it was announced that A Druid’s Duel, the chess-like puzzle game being developed by Kris Szafranski that I’ve talked about before, would be releasing on February 25th.

A Druid’s Duel will hit online stores across the globe on February 25 (US time). Huge news and I am excited beyond words to finally see my game released unto the world! :) You can continue to follow along with me by following the updated website, Twitter, and our Facebook pages.

You’ll have the option to get the game through Steam, which includes 50 awesome Achievements as well as really coolTrading Cards and Badges for you to collect and trade. Steam, of course, is a DRM (Digital Rights Management) platform, so the trade-off for you is it will require that Steam is running in order for you to play A Druid’s Duel. Thems the breaks.

Another popular option for getting your copy will be through the Humble Store. The Humble Store (and other online retailers) offer DRM-free copies, meaning that you just download the game files and that’s it. Any non-Steam option will NOT have Achievements or other Steam-only features. iOS is expected at this point to include Game Center Achievements.


The announcement also brought with it news concerning the Druid’s Duel Players Portal, a free registration site that will be required to play A Druid’s Duel, and brings with it some interesting incentives:

Once signed up, you can play an Online Game with any other person who has the game, regardless of if they play through Steam or on any other future platforms (iOS for instance!).

In the Player Portal you can choose any Avatar icon you qualify for based on your Rank (you start at Wolf). You can also learn about Aura, Trisks, and otherwise track how awesome you are compared to your friends, which you also add and manage through the website. The Player Portal tracks all of your Game Stats and averages out your scores and even notes your win-loss streak. Future updates will expand Online play with map ranking, challenging specific players to games, and additional Avatars and rewards.

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