A Druid’s Duel Launching Highsommar Alpha

A Druid’s Duel Launching Highsommar Alpha

In an update release last week, Kris Szafranski of Thoughtshelter Games had some exciting news for the backers of A Druid’s Duel about the move forward towards Alpha stages:

 I am very excited to announce the build I’m calling the Highsommar Alpha, a major milestone in the development of A Druid’s Duel! This build marks the completion of most of the major features for the Single Player Campaign mode, including: Boss Battles, story dialog system, campaign saving/progressions, and of course, the computer opponent itself that is entirely capable of whooping you.

The Highsommar Alpha includes the complete first Season of the Single Player Campaign. Highsommar contains 18 challenging maps against the wily AI, including two Boss Battles with the troublesome Master Rickett. If you’re good enough to pass Highsommar, you can proceed to the first two maps of Aldenfalle as well

There was also a video showing off a few new animations, as well as the first Boss Battle. A Druid’s Duel \seems to be coming together well, and hopefully with more elements of the game to test in Alpha, production will move forward quickly with a solid groundwork paving the way for future features and surprises. If you’d like to learn more about A Druid’s Duel, check out the website.

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