20XX Launches on August 16th

20XX Launches on August 16th

After 4 years in development, 20XX, Battery Staple Game’s homage to Mega Man, is having it’s full launch on August 16th. Coming out of a long period of Early Access, 20XX has evolved and changed numerous times over this period, and has developed into a superb, nostalgic platformer.



Get your blasters ready: after 4 years in development, the highly anticipated 20XX launches next month, on August 16th! A Mega Man-inspired roguelike with online and local co-op play, the game has been doing extremely well in early access with 60K users and a 94% positive user rating. We’re incredibly excited to finally reach the finish line – after a humble $20K Kickstarter and nearly three years in Early Access, 20XX has grown and expanded beyond anything we initially imagined thanks to constant open communication with our amazing, passionate fan base.

We first covered 20XX all the way back when it was titled Echoes of Eridu, and our Interview with developer Chris King provides a lot of insight into the game’s evolution over the years and the inspirations for this game.



Stay tuned, because we’ll have a full review of the game in its current form up on the 16th!

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