1st 2016 Update for We Happy Few

1st 2016 Update for We Happy Few

We Happy Few was a surprise find of mine during PAX East 2015. The game, being made by Compulsion Games  (who brought us the very imaginative Contrast), is a Survival-Horror game in bright colors and smiles, where you’ll need to blend in to a crowd of drug-happy pseudo-Londoners to figure out what’s going on behind the scenes.

Doctor Poster


In an update published last week, Compulsion touched base on the updates and advancements that have recently been made by their Programming, Design, Animation, Art and Narrative teams. It’s a very thorough look at were things stand, and showcases some interesting new assets;

Hayden from the Design Team mentions that “after a lot of testing and tweaking, we are now seeing groups of NPCs patrolling more complex paths. I was also able to implement security systems that broadcast across the level and are capable of placing NPCs on high alert; coupled with game play specific lighting, geometry placement and loot, it’s an iterative process that I hope will present the player with a rich, stealth gameplay experience.” No doubt this will make things much tougher for us players in the future…

Camille from the Programming side of Compulsion touched on perhaps the most game changing fact that they have “decided to do a major change to the player menu (eg your inventory) and keep the game running while it is presented. This has quite a few repercussions, not least of which is needing to let the player be aware of their surroundings while the menu is displayed. Therefore, the menu will no longer take up the entire screen.”

The animation team showed of a couple of updates, including the bobby and sick Wellie:



Finally, the art team showed off a number new pieces, most intriguingly this Wastrellette:




This is only a brief summary of what was shared in this first update of the year. I encourage you to read the entire thing here, and follow both Compulsion Games and Us for further updates as We Happy Few continues development.


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