10tons Announces Undead Horde

10tons Announces Undead Horde

With Tesla vs Lovecraft now available on Steam (Fun Fact: it’s becoming 10tons Ltd.’s best selling game in recent history) the team at 10tons Ltd. are turning their attention to their next project which they announced last week.

Undead Horde is an action RPG hack’n slash game where you’ll be playing as a necromancer, raising the dead, and trying to take back the lands of the undead from the current, living inhabitants.


10tons Ltd are aiming to release Undead Horde on Steam by the end of this year.

10tons Ltd are planning a release on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch as well. The console versions of Undead Horde may be out in 2018, but 10tons Ltd’s Jaakko Maaniemi told us that early 2019 was probably a more likely target.

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