ZED Development Team Expands

ZED Development Team Expands

Announced this weekend, Eagre Games has added seven new team members to help both with the programming, art creation, and the implementation of a narrative delivery system on ZED.

A few months ago we made some decisions regarding ZED and have been emphasizing quality from the beginning. Given this we decided to expand our team and would like to announce the addition of our good friends Neal Laurenza, Jonathan Vazquez, Greg St. Angelos, William Steele (Pictured Top Row), James Cowin, Kyle Frick, and Spencer Franklin (Pictured Bottom Row).

You can learn more about the background of the new team members in the most recent Kickstarter Update.

Also announced in the latest update, ZED‘s estimated release date has been pushed back a few months, though there is no concrete date at this time.

The silver lining of that news is that ZED will be ready as a VR Title upon release, not shortly after as originally expected.

Want to learn more about ZED? Check out our IndieDev Interview with Eagre Games’ Chuck Carter, or check out our coverage of the game’s Kickstarer Campaign.

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