Windward Release May 12th

Windward Release May 12th

I’ve talked about Windward previously, and played quite a bit of the game. Not so much to spoil the majority of it with it being in Early Access, but enough to get a good sense of the gameplay. It looks like I won’t have wait that much longer before setting sail again, and Windward will be being released on May 12th:

Gamers who want to earn their sea legs can dive into Tasharen Entertainment’s Windward on May 12th, 2015 for Windows, Mac and Linux. In this action-packed sandbox game, set on the high seas, players captain a ship sailing the open waters of a beautiful, large procedurally-generated world. Windward is currently available in Early Access.

Windward offers a plethora of gameplay possibilities. Gamers who prefer a more relaxing adventure can explore the unmapped crystal blue oceans filled with detailed marine life, resolve conflict through diplomacy or make their mark as a master merchant.

Players looking to get their adrenaline pumping in high-stakes combat can join a crew of scurvy scallywags online and plunder together as pirates, ally with an in-game faction that protects an area or go rogue and send NPCs to Davy Jones’ Locker in an immersive single player experience.

Specialization is key to survival and gaining an edge over the competition. With more than 100 talents, players can focus on three separate skill trees.
Defense – the ideal class for large ships. Skills include the ability to turn faster, converting the vessel into a powerful turret on the open oceans, dealing more damage when standing still and increasing damage absorption as their health goes down.
Offense – great for quick ships. Offense enables increased agility, reducing the opponents’ armor and greatly improving the damage done by allies.
Support – the perfect team member. The crew of support vessels specialize in repairing ships quickly and providing benefits to other nearby allies – like putting out fires, repairing other ships to a greater extent than their own crews can and forcing enemies to get closer before they can attack.

It’s great fun, and surprisingly relaxing. If you’re looking for a cooperative (or competitive) game that will itch your need for high seas adventure!

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