Wildstar: Launching in 2013

Wildstar: Launching in 2013
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Back in 2011 NCSoft and Carbine Studios announced a new project that they were working on titled Wildstar. A sci-fi MMORPG which immediately garnered a lot of attention from fans around the world. Since then there has been little to no information released, which is understandable for a game still in development. Last week the silence was finally broken and there are some exciting details to be shared.

The mantra of developers the world over continues to be “when it’s ready” and Carbine is taking the same approach. While not making a firm commitment to a specific date they did announce that they are looking for a late 2013 release. Nothing is set in stone though and the game will be out when Carbine feels it is ready for prime time so don’t start throwing your money at the screen just yet.

Not only did they give an elusive time frame, but they also discussed their plans for supporting the game post-launch. Drawing from the influence of Eastern game titles they plan to have frequent updates on a monthly, or even weekly, basis. The team stated as well that they will continue to hold to the same high level of quality and polish that in their updates that they are putting into the initial release of the game.

Finally, they went into some detail on the way that the “Path” system will work. Players will be able to choose between Settlers, Explorers, Scientists, and Soldiers. The path that the player chooses will directly impact the way in which the player interacts with the Nexus planet. As an example, “Explorer’s can map out new routes for players and discover underground quick paths around a zone, whereas a soldier gets access to new skirmish missions and battles other paths may not.” You can find further information in the video below, along with a more indepth write up on Gamerzines.com.

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