What’s in a Pseudonym? – Tristan Dubois

What’s in a Pseudonym? – Tristan Dubois
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“What’s in a Pseudonym” is a weekly column attempting to tell the tales of gamer’s names; where they came from, what they mean, and even how they’ve changed the way you game. This week, the story behind Mackenzie Brown’s name: Tristan Dubois

Tristan Dubois was originally the name of the black knight in the story of King Arthur. and when I chose the name it was because of the significance of the knights character that appealed to me. I bounced around between a few names before this one, mainly because they made people laugh, then I finally ended up choosing a serious NAME. Once you pick a serious name instead of some random letters and Xx xX’s you start to realize just how much it defines you and how much you identify with it irl. For example, often enough when I’m in public I hear parents yelling to their son, who is incidentally named Tristan and I end up turning around to answer, only realizing that I wasn’t on xbox and that wasn’t my name.

If you want a good gamertag you need to search yourself for awhile. It becomes part of you, and its something that lets you become who you want to be without any constraints. when I’m at home or at work, I’m just that measly guy with no muscle, shaggy hair and a dim smile who you pass by without a word thinking: “He’s that special kind of weird.”, when I’m online, I’m completely different. I am that player that has a full friends list because I join a game and kick but. Everyone knows my name and could tell you about that time I had that 114-3 game in halo reach or the time I got a moab with a pistol in mw3. I chose my gamertag because I was comfortable with it, and because it fits me well. Gamertags aren’t to be taken lightly and honestly need a bit of experience playing in order to pick. so my advise to “noobs” is to be serious and choose wisely.

If you’d like to share the story of your pseudonym, feel free to leave the story in the comments below, or send it to me at Jacob@raidwarning.com.

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