We’re Hosting a GGJ18 Jam Site!

We’re Hosting a GGJ18 Jam Site!

Last year, EIC Jacob Wood didn’t have much to do during the weekend of the Global Game Jam. While we had covered the Global Game Jam before, he though it might be cool to do something a little different in 2017 and visit a site in his area, talk to the devs participating, and do an article highlighting the jam site in addition to a look at our favorite creations.

Unfortunately, there was not one jam site in the State of Maine.

Jacob resolved to change this. This year, he/we are sponsoring a Global Game Jam Site for the Maine Game Dev Community with the help of Eagre Games!

Maine Game Jam 2018 will take place at the UpStart Center for Entrepreneurship, located at 20 Godfrey Dr, Orono, ME 04473

Things will get underway Friday January 26th at 4:00pm and will finish Sunday January 29th at around 6:00PM

Food, copious snacks, and a steady stream of coffee will be provided! (and there are plenty of additional options in the area as well)

If you want to participate please use this Google Form to sign up, as there’s a limit of 20 Jammer at our site.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact Jacob at jacob@indiehangover.com


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