We Were Here Together Announced

We Were Here Together Announced

If you haven’t run into them before, see if you can rope a friend into playing We Were Here and/or We Were Here Too. You need the friend: these games are cooperative standalone puzzle adventures where you’ll be trapped inside an abandoned castle together. One player is confined to a small secluded part of the castle, while the other player will have to roams the halls trying to find them. Luckily, you’ve got a set of walkie-talkies, and you’ll have to use them: The castle is full of heaps of puzzles and challenges that’ll test your wits and, more importantly, your ability to communicate clearly.

You’ll also want to play the first two game before diving into the third which was just announced! We Were Here Together will feature all new areas inside of Castle Rock, as well as featuring gameplay in a research base and in the icy wastes outside of the castle.


You can wishlist We Were Here Together now on Steam.

Currently, the game is scheduled for a 2019 release.

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