We Happy Few Pre-Alpha Build 12

We Happy Few Pre-Alpha Build 12

Last Friday, the Compulsion Games Team let fly with a host of information surrounding their new Pre-Alpha build for We Happy Few, which is now live. The build has been dubbed the ULTRAVIOLENCE build, and with the addition of numerous ways to kill and maim into We Happy Few, it’s not hard to see why that name stuck.

In the forum post about the build, we learned a little bit about what to expect, and what it promises for the future:

For the past month, a significant portion of the team has been toiling in the shadows to prepare the story experience we want to deliver at launch. As part of this, we have been working on a plethora of new gameplay elements, which have become the theme of this new build.

We therefore bring to you, ULTRAVIOLENCE! Lots of weapons, gadgets, drugs and afflictions to help you naughty downers unleash mayhem upon the unwitting denizens of Wellington Wells.

While these don’t drastically modify the game world, they should add a bit of spice and variety to what is already there. For the most part, the aim of these changes is to improve the core survival elements by increasing both risks and rewards from scavenging, crafting and combat. While you have an arsenal of powerful new weapons and tools at your disposal, you’ll need to scour the world to find the recipes and components necessary to create these.

Since we’ve had to isolate most of these new features from the story-specific content we’ll be delivering later, they feature varying levels of polish and might not always be as fun or satisfying as they should be. So, we want to hear your feedback – ideas, balance tweaks, and anything else you think is important….

…First, we have a quick anonymous survey to help us figure out how you’re feeling about the game in general. Please be as honest as you can be – constructive criticism is going to be far more helpful to us than praise. Our feelings will not be hurt, we promise :)

In addition to this, Compulsion also put out a short Weekly Dev Blog which more or less boiled down to “We’ve been working on the 12 Ultraviolence Build. See above.”, but did give us some interesting new assets that just get curiouser and curiouser:








Here are the full Build Notes via the Compulsion Forums:


Known Issue
• The intermittent issue where bridges fail to spawn is not yet fixed. The fix is part of a larger modification that needs significant testing before being released.

• Improved animation when picking up items.
• All foliage and trees were redone with added LODs, allowing more detail at a lesser performance cost.
• New models for lots of pickups.
• Corrected the hold position for many pickups when equipped or picked up.
• Increased frequency of water pumps.
• Shadows graphics setting split into Shadows and Lights:
• Shadows setting now only affect shadows instead of both shadows and lights.
• High/Ultra Shadows setting make use of Distance Field Shadow Casting to enable shadows at a longer distance for little cost.
• Low Lights disables shadows and most lighting effects. Very ugly, use only if desperate.
• High Lights enables more advanced ambient occlusion algorithms (DFAO).
• Ultra Lights does not do anything at this time.
• Geometry changes in Garden District houses to help navigate better.

• Food Poisoning: The proper version of food poisoning has been implemented. Mild cases of food poisoning aren’t very dangerous and might even be worth eating rotten food in a pinch. But don’t let it worsen, because serious cases will kill you.
• Infection: This can occur when using dirty bandages or letting bleeding go on unchecked. Reduces maximum health significantly and requires either time or an antiseptic bandage to cure.
• Crafting recipes can now be found in the world for most pickups added in this update.
• Recipes essential to game progression can be unlocked by finding all their ingredients.
• New melee weapons: Pointy Stick, Scourge, Double Scourge, Double Rolling Pin, Spiked Cricket, Enhanced Cleaver, Shock Baton, Electro Hammer Pipe.
• New ranged weapons: Dart, Tranquilizer Dart, Berserk Dart.
• New grenades: Blue Molotov, Tear Gas Grenade, Berserk Bomb, Vomit Bomb, Dr. Feelgood Bomb, Smoke Bomb, Shock Grenade.
• New gadgets: Rick the Stunt Duck, Dick the Naughty Duck.
• New chemicals: Phlash, Feramyle, Sanitol, Dexipam.
• Night Blooming Nonesuch (formerly known as Rare Flower) only harvestable at night.
• Existing recipes have had their ingredients adjusted.
• Slightly increased interaction distance.

• New player menu transitions.
• New icons for suits and other pickups.
• Shortened difficulty names to “Wakey Wakey” and “Good Night”. (Which is just as confusing.)
• Support for resizable HUD bars (i.e.: from health upgrades).
• Fix player menu becoming unusable when dragging an item that is being used.
• Hide flavour image box for crafting recipes that don’t have one implemented.


• New set of female wastrel barks, courtesy of OtherButtons.

• Improved robustness of Give/GiveN console commands (for you cheaters out there).
• New setting to pause the game when losing focus (i.e.: from alt-tab).
• Significant performance optimization during environmental transitions (from time of day or Joy effects).
• Fix saved games reverting to “Good Night” difficulty when loaded.

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