Videogame Lookclub: Winter 2017-2018

Videogame Lookclub: Winter 2017-2018

Jay Tholen‘s Videogame Lookclub has undergone some changes. Now, instead of a game every month, the group will be playing, discussing and promoting a couple of indie games every season, beginning with Winter 2017-2018.

The two games for this Winter are Splinter Zone by Eric Merz and Legend of Hand by John Inch and Shaun Aitcheson.


The best place to discuss these games is on the Videogame Lookclub TwitterFacebook or Discord. People are already talking about these two game, so make sure to join in the conversation and spread the word!

We’ll be doing a full review of both Splinter Zone and Legend of Hand in January, so make sure to come back to IndieHangover!


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