Videogame Lookclub August Game Announced

Videogame Lookclub August Game Announced

Jay Tholen‘s Indie Game Book Club thing-a-ma-jig is finally here!

The Videogame Lookclub is starting up this month, and each month will be highlighting a different indie game each month with the idea of encouraging discussion and promotion of game the you very well might have missed.


There are tons of good game on TONS. It’s all to easy to miss a hidden gem, so having a way to uncover them, talk about them and share them is utterly fantastic.

August’s Game is Rex: Another Island by Shysaursoft.

The official Twitter and Facebook pages for VGLC are up, as is the Discord. People are already talking about this month’s game, so join in the conversation! We’ll be doing a full review of Rex: Another Island a little later on this month, so make sure to come back to IndieHangover!

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