Vidar Launches Epocu Campaign, New Website

Vidar Launches Epocu Campaign, New Website

Dean Razavi, creator of Vidar, which I had a chance to try at the Boston Festival of Indie Games, has launched a new website, new demo and new trailer for his RPG to coincide with a new epocu campaign for the game.

This was the first time I’ve heard about epocu, which is essentially a pre-kickstarter social media campaign


It’s a big day for Vidar.

Help spread the word!

To get the news out about Vidar, today we launched a social-media campaign on Epocu. The goal of the campaign is to build up a community around the game, and we really hope you’ll help!

Epocu is twitter meets crowdfunding – instead of pledging money, we’re asking you to pledge you social media account for a single facebook post or tweet. Help share the game with your friends, and you’ll automatically be entered into Epocu’s drawings for gaming gear.

To celebrate the start of our campaign on Epocu, today we launched a new website, a new trailer video, and a new demo.

The new demo for Vidar is available here.

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