Vidar Enters Early Access January 31st

Vidar Enters Early Access January 31st

Vidar has been a special game for me. I met Dean Razavi, Vidar’s creator and developer, at my very first Boston Festival Of Indie Games, and IndieHangover was the first ‘press outlet’ to cover the game. Since then, it’s gotten Kickstarted, grown in scale and scope, and gotten a lot more attention, but Vidar, is finally coming to Steam Early Access.

Announced in conjunction with a new trailer today, Vidar will be coming to Steam Early Access on January 31st.


Vidar is focused on random story-telling and random puzzles. You play as the Stranger, a character who was lost in a snowstorm and made it to a town at a time when no one can leave. The town of Vidar is plagued by a terrible beast with an appetite for those who still live; so long as this Beast is left to feast on the remaining villagers, Vidar’s days are numbered.


I’m eager to finally play a full version of Vidar: I’ve purposefully avoided this because I’ve wanted to experience the whole game as it’s meant to be experienced. So, expect a playthrough on our YouTube Channel soon. A full review of Vidar and an Interview with Dean will be following on the 31st.



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