Verdun Standalone Tannenburg Announced

Verdun Standalone Tannenburg Announced

Blackmill Games and M2H, the two studios responsible for releasing WWI Squad FPS Verdun have just announced a new, standalone to the game, titled Tannenberg, scheduled to be released for PC later this year.



The Entente will face off against the Central Powers across diverse landscapes ranging from exposed snowy plains and thick forests to burned villages and mountain pastures. Fresh tactics will be required to win the day in the authentic landscapes of these new locations, which are a long way from the muddy Western Front trenches. Different squads will bring with them a range of new weapons, all of which have been carefully crafted with the attention to detail Verdun players have come to expect.

I doesn’t sound like it will be more of the same trench-capturing gameplay. Tannenberg will introduce a new 64 player game mode, and will focus on the more mobile nature of the Eastern Front in WWI

“The Russians and Austro-Hungarians played a huge part in the First World War and we’re looking forward to portraying their contribution. The Eastern Front didn’t see the same trench warfare as in the West – in Tannenberg we offer players the experience of a more mobile side of the war which many people may be unfamiliar with.” – Jos Hoebe, Developer, Blackmill Games

You can learn more on Tanneberg’s Steam Page, and more details will emerge as we approach the release date.

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