Verdun coming to Consoles

Verdun coming to Consoles

Verdun was an indie game that, until recently, I had somehow managed not to ever give a try. However, with all the E3 Battlefield 1 hype flooding my social media streams, I felt the need to scratch a WWI Shooter itch, and Verdun was just the remedy. Later this summer, console gamers will be able to scratch that same itch.

M2H and Blackmill Games World War 1 Squad Shooter is coming to PS4 and Xbox One in August of this year.



After releasing the game on Steam in April 2015, the developers continued their work on the game by announcing a roadmap with several free expansions immediately after the launch. What the community didn’t know was that the developers would also start working on another popular request: a console version.

Now that the game has entered its last polishing phase, the developers are happy to announce the release of Verdun on the consoles. On August 30 2016 Verdun will be released on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – the first WW1 FPS to land on these amazing platforms.


Verdun is a very different beast to other shooter out there in that a lot of your time will feel like defense, even if you’re on the offensive. Really, this makes a ton of sense, and does a very good job of putting you in the mindset of trench warfare. The majority of my time playing Verdun has been with two to three other friends, forming a squad and working together.

I cannot recommend this enough. Communicating with your squad, balancing your roles, and supporting the other members of your unit is the way that this game should be played. If you have a couple of other friends who are shooter fans, I cannot recommend picking this game up enough.

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