Valve’s Steam Box Is On Its Way

 In a recent interview with Kotaku, Valve co-founder, Gabe Newell gave more details on the company’s plans to bring the pcs into a place where they could compete with consoles – the living room. While not giving out specifics about the much rumored Steam Box, there is enough information given to verify the device’s development and/or existence. Here is a snippet of what Gabe had to say.

Newell said Valve’s current goal was to figure out how to make PCs work better in the living room. He said the reaction to Steam’s TV-friendly Big Picture interface has been “stronger than expected,” and that their next step is to get Steam Linux out of beta and to get Big Picture on that operating system, which would give Valve more flexibility when developing their own hardware.

He also expects companies to start selling PC packages for living rooms next year—setups that could consist of computers designed to be hooked up to your TV and run Steam right out of the gate. And yes, Newell said, they’d compete with next-gen consoles from companies like Microsoft and Sony.

Overall, this is a pretty exciting moment for gamers who have had their wallets emptied by some of Steam’s more amazing sales this last year. We look forward to hearing more about what Valve has planned and how they intend to work around some of the barriers that have held the PC back from seriously competing with the current crop of consoles. 

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