Upsilon Circuit Launches Indiegogo Tonight

Upsilon Circuit Launches Indiegogo Tonight

Just as Upsilon Circuit is an entirely unique concept of a game, you should expect Robot Loves Kitty‘s crowdfunding campaign to be just as unique, innovative and a little bit bonkers.

Launching today at 6pm EST, the crowd funding campaign for Upsilon Circuit  won’t look like your standard Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaign, but there’s a good reason for this, and it has clearly been well thought out by the development team.

To truly understand what’s happening with this crowd funding campaign though, you need a little background:


Upsilon Circuit is a sci-fi action RPG heavy on the comedy that only eight people will play at any one time. The game has only one server, and has truly permanent perma-death; once you die, you account is locked from ever playing again. If you’re squirreling your brow trying to understand why anyone would go in for this, fear not: there a heavy emphasis on crowd interaction, with the game only being opened at specific times and new contestants being picked from the audience. Audience members also gain experience from watching which they can spend to upgrade their characters and influence the game. It’s focused on creating a community around the concept and the game as a whole, and ends up coming across as a video game game show, complete with a wise-cracking digital announcer:



So, a standard crowd funding campaign doesn’t really suit Upsilon Circuit. Instead, Robot Loves Kitty has developed a sort of hybrid social media outreach campaign with reward tiers that’s being hosted on IndieGoGo.

We don’t expect people to pay money for a game they can only play once. Upsilon Circuit does not cost money to watch as a Viewer, or to participate in as a Contestant.

In fact, the goal of the Upsilon Circuit Indiegogo campaign is to build a solid test audience for the experience. There will be a single $5 reward tier that gives access to the Alpha tests, goodies in their inventory, special community status, etc. and if we’re lucky enough to reach our goal, the stretch goals will be based on headcount, not money.

Our emphasis is on people sharing the campaign and rewarding them for doing that through a competition. The things you’d normally see in higher priced tiers are things you can only get if you bring enough friends into the campaign.

Even if the person referring friends doesn’t back the project, they can still earn prizes. Prizes like a free ticket to the early access tests, secret music tracks, ability to submit ideas, and even the guaranteed chance to play in a live tournament.

Upsilon Circuit excites us. It’s bold, innovative and crazy. It’s chaos incarnate live streaming on Twitch. It’s the kind of thing you’d only ever see an indie studio attempting and the perfect example of why we love indie games, indie game developers and their stories. We wish Robot Loves Kitty all the best in their crowd funding initiative.

Again, you can find more information about the Upsilon Circuit crowd funding campaign here after 6pm EST tonight.

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