Untitled Shoot’em Up Revealed By Vlambeer

Untitled Shoot’em Up Revealed By Vlambeer

Vlambeer showed off a brand new game at this past weekend’s PAX West, quite unexpectedly, as a bit of a celebration of the team’s 8th birthday.

Described by Rami Ismail as something sort of like “Inverted Space Invaders“, the game doesn’t have a title yet, and is still early in development, but already has a pretty solid concept.

The mechanics of the game are pretty simple: Move with the arrow keys,shoot with the X key. However, this isn’t a twin stick shooter: the ship aims itself as you move it while not shooting, always locking onto the nearest enemy.

Where things get really interested are in how the enemies you’ll be blasting show up. You see, enemies don’t continuously spawn, like you might expect. Instead, when you shoot an enemy, they will burst into a glob of green space goo that sploots onto the battlefield. ,Should you move far enough away from that globule of space goo, it will grow into a new enemy.

Like we mentioned the game is still very much early in development, so stay tuned for more details as they become available.

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