Unplugged: One Zero One Kickstarter

Unplugged: One Zero One Kickstarter

When Computers and Board Games meet, it is a truly wonderful thing. Grail Games has launched a new Kickstarter  for their Binary board game, One Zero One. The game has a great old time-y coding feel to it sure to entice more than a code monkeys.

One Zero One is a fast-playing but highly tactical card game for two players, set in the world of 1980s computing.

In One Zero One, players will choose to represent either 0 or 1. Each player will then receive identical 16-card decks. Six of their cards simply denote 0 and 1 on either side. Ten cards display a command to follow that will change the current game state.

Each turn, players will play one card from their hand to the program display. When a player’s digit is the most common in a row, they are said to be in control of that line. Each line of the program is worth a set number of points. When the program display is filled, the game will end and these points will be awarded. The player with the highest points total wins.

Here is a great quick run-through of the game being played by Rhado Runs Through:

One Zero One has already met its funding goal of $5,000, having raised $5,796 with 20 Days left in the Kickstarter. If you’d like to see what stretch goals might be unlocked, head over the the Kickstarter Page. 

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