TUG Officially Greenlit

TUG Officially Greenlit

Today, TUG, or The Untitled Game, a multi-player open-world RPG being created by Nerd Kingdom, was officially Greenlit:

Steam announced today that TUG got Greenlit… and in record time! And it’s all thanks to you: our brilliant, wonderful, amazing community. You guys and gals seriously rock!


Of course, it doesn’t end here… this is just the beginning. As we prepare for Steam Early Access, we’ll need your help and continued support more than ever.

This is such an exciting journey for us, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share it with you.


From all of us here at Nerd Kingdom…. THANK YOU!



TUG was officially funded via Kickstarter on May 31 of last year. TUG hopes to release the full game by January of 2015, with a Beta coming soon.

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