Tribes Ascend: Game of the Year Edition

Tribes Ascend: Game of the Year Edition
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Hi Rez Studios announced yesterday that they will be having a sale on Feburary 15th for Tribes: Ascend Game of the Year edition. Given that the game s Free-to-Play you might be wondering what exactly there is to buy, and what does the GotY edition get you?

With this edition players can get access to over 100 weapons, all 9 classes, and all 21 perks. The Tribes: Ascend GotY Edition includes weapon and perk DLC from all ten previous expansions as well as the new Shocklance weapon.

“Nothing changes for players that are enjoying the game with the free-to-play model,” says Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Chief Operating Officer. “But we now also offer an additional single-purchase option to unlock every weapon in the game.”

Hi-Rez celebrates the new edition with new content for all players. The upcoming patch includes six brand new maps (three CTF/Blitz and three Arena maps), the new Shocklance weapon, and two new cosmetic skins.

If you’re new to Tribes: Ascend you can grab the GotY edition on the 15th for $29.99, or if you already were a VIP then you can get it for $19.99. Check out for further information. Either way this is a great deal and something you should consider. Check out the video below for a preview of the game.

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