Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Alpha

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Alpha

I honestly was trying to come up with some clever hook with that title. Really, I was, but nothing I came up with did justice to the bizarre creation that is Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Landfall Game, who are also making Clustertruck (yes, this should tell you a lot about them), have created…well…a totally accurate battle simulator.



Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (hereafter abbreviated T.A.B.S.) is definitely taping into that same kind of humor that runs through Clustertruck by just having a premise so utterly goofy and fun you can’t help but smile. It’s reminding me of a less satire heavy Coffee Stain Studio, and I can’t wait for a chance to give it a shot while totally sober.

You can now sign up to be part of the Alpha Test on the Landfall Games website.



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