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Yesterday, tinyBuild announced a new project building on one of their previous titles. Party Hard Tycoon is a spiritual sequel to last summer’s Party Hard, which cast you as a killer just trying to get a little peace and quite. This time, you’ll be making the noise, designing venues, entertainment and attraction to try and create a successful night club using the party AI that was created for Party Hard and has since been refined through expansions and DLC.



Build and manage your own nightclub in Party Hard Tycoon, the most accurate nightclub simulation game of the year!

Expanding upon the AI & hilarious setups of last year’s cult-hit Party Hard, the game takes a Tycoon-style look at what it’s like to be a professional party-runner.
Build the perfect party
Pick a theme & figure out your marekting strategy
Build out the layout with accurate speaker simulation
Don’t forget about security, entertainment and booze

All we know is that Party Hard Tycoon is coming Soon(tm), but Alpha Sign Ups are available, and the game’s Steam Page has been spotted. Should be a good time.

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