“Those from Below” come for Darkest Dungeon

“Those from Below” come for Darkest Dungeon

Yesterday, Red Hook Studios pushed out a whale-sized update to Darkest Dungeon, introducing a new dungeon, new bosses, and a host of updates and fixes.

The Cove is a damp, dark place, full of Eldritch Horrors, rotting fish carcasses and undead pirates. The Pelagistic Monsters are fantastically illustrated, and the first time my torch died down and the roars of the fish-men came from the darkness, I was legitimately afraid for my party’s life… which only lasted a short while after that. In particular, the Music has a strange otherworldly quality to it that is perfectly unsettling. Once again Darkest Dungeon proves it know how to make an atmosphere in a game.

The Complete notes for the update can be found here, but these are the juiciest bits in our opinion:

  • By popular demand: unused dungeon supplies now sell back at the end of a quest (for a smallish percentage of their value) [This makes conservative play a lot more viable, but does not punish risk takers]
  • Trinkets have received a much-needed balance pass. The goal was to ensure that rarer trinkets are more reliably valuable than less rare trinkets, and also to make many previously uninteresting trinkets (both general and class-specific) more interesting. While some trinkets will obviously be better than others for some classes, dungeons, or situations, we have improved many of the trinkets that were particularly weak or problematic. A few trinkets have been nerfed (in cases where the value was just too high compared to other trinkets). Some trinkets have had their rarity adjusted, and we will likely do more of this once we measure the results of these changes. Additional trinket adjustments may also be required in the future.[Much Needed. Many exploits were fixed, and many trinkets are now far more powerful and worth going after]
  • Players cannot retreat during the first combat round if they were surprised. [Makes a Lot More Sense]
  • Foreground layer added to every dungeon [And boy are they pretty! Even more atmosphere]
  • nearly 100 new lines for the Narrator including more coverage for already existing events [Worth an update alone. The Narrator in this game is amazing… “Opulent and Imperial” has become a catch phrase in my gaming group!]

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