The World Next Door Gets Multiplayer

The World Next Door Gets Multiplayer

The World Next Door is getting a pretty massive addition today in the form of a Local Versus Mode for the PC, Mac and Switch versions of the game.

This game mode will become available as players complete the main story. As you progress, you will unlock many of the Emryns and shrines you encounter in the game as playable character and locations to duke it out with and at.

These 1v1 puzzle battles will have 8 playable characters and 16 unique levels, spread between 4 different shrine “environments”

2 controllers are required for this mode, and players with a new save file may need to replay certain parts of Story Mode to unlock new content in Versus Mode. (don’t worry there’s a way to unlock this if you’ve already beaten the game…)

If this has enticed you, then check out our review of The World Next Door, or find the game on Itch.ioSteamGOGHumble Store or Nintendo Switch. This is a fantastic indie title with an incredibly well designed puzzle combat system that I am overjoyed to see Rose City Games stick with and bring to multiplayer!

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