The Winners of the 2016 Bit Awards

The Winners of the 2016 Bit Awards

Last night, Playcrafting NYC held the 2016 Bit Awards at Parson School of Design in New York. This is the second annual Bit Awards, an event created in celebration of the indie games and developers connected to Playcrafting.

The Following is a list of the nominees in each category, with the winner from last night in bold.

Our congratulation to all the nominee’s and the winners!



1979 Revolution: Black Friday by iNK Stories (WINNER)
Ayo the Clown by Cloud M1
Blade Ballet by DreamSail Games
Linelight by My Dog Zorro
Little Bug by Buddy System
Vidar by Razbury Games


BlitzKeep by Flint Games LLC
Cognition by Lunafive LLC (WINNER)
Justice Royale by Zapling Studios
Letter Club by Simple Machine
Muhammed Ali: Puzzle King by Cosi Productions
Orbit – Playing with Gravity by HIGHKEY Games
Where Shadows Slumber by Game Revenant


1979 Revolution: Black Friday by iNK Stories
Ayo the Clown by Cloud M1
Blade Ballet by Dreamsail Games
Linelight by My Dog Zorro
The Low Road by XGen Studios
Peter Panic! by James Marion (WINNER)
Slime-san by Fabraz


Kitty in the Box VR by Mokuni LLC
Narcosis by Honor Code, Inc.
SwingStar VR by Computerlunch Games (WINNER)
Three Little Pigs VR by 1st Playable Productions
Vistics by Dundee’s Games LLC
Zombies Shall Not Pass! by Wengu Hu


Afterward by Supinfogame – Rubika (WINNER)
Cat Commander Z by Subvert Software
Cognition by Lunafive LLC
DIRE by Foretell Studios
Spin Cycle by Eric Teo & Emma Wang
Witchualistic by EOS Interactive

Complicated Board Game, The Card Game by offcut games
Mr. Game! by Game Revenant
Killer Snails: Assassins of the Sea by Killer Snails (WINNER)
Rhyme Antics by Calloway Creative Inc.
Snippets by The Master Theorem Games


Ted Price, CEO and founder of Insomniac Games  was also the recipient of the Game Changer Award.

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