The Stomping Land is Back…Now Breathe

The Stomping Land is Back…Now Breathe

It snuck up on me unawares like a clever Velociraptor, but The Stomping Land finally got an update.

After an excessive radio silence, last Wednesday, Alex ‘Jig’ Fundora released the following Patch Notes, preceded by a couple paragraphs explaining what the update is giving us, and what is coming in the future:

Here are the Patch Notes:

So today’s update revolves around the new inventory and craftable traps. All of the previous craftable weapons and buildings along with the new traps are now done within the inventory.

Now that there are many other resources introduced, the familiar recipes for weapons and buildings have changed. No longer can a new hunter spawn and instantly build everything on the beach. This is because the materials he needs to build most of his items, including all of his weapons, need to be salvaged off of dinosaurs. Without weapons, this can be tough. This is why I introduced the first round of traps with this update. Now, new players must rely on trap building and scavenging to gain momentum before they can become a full blown hunter. This provides a lot of longevity to the gameplay, requires some patience, and provides an opportunity for many things to collect. The new materials and craftable items are just the core of this new system, which is paving the way for the cosmetics update among other things.

In terms of gameplay, there are a handful of broad mechanics I have planned not yet implemented, so try not to get too attached or bummed out if you lose your items or things feel imbalanced. This is still very much alpha-test phases :]

The Stomping Land 9/24 Update

– Added item inventory functionality (Default: Spacebar)
– Various materials can be salvaged off of fallen dinosaurs
– Crafting is now done within the inventory
– Added essential recipes
– Added craftable traps: Arrow Trap, Whistling Trap, Barrage Trap, Smoke Trap, Launch Trap *
– Large dinosaurs can now be damaged by arrows
– Changed expertise to be rewarded from salvaging dinosaurs instead of slaying them
– Campsites are now able to be built in the caves
– Removed expertise-shrines
– Various effects and adjustments

* A few seconds after being placed, a trap will become active and completely hidden to everyone. They can be tripped by humans, dinosaurs, and even the owner.
* A trap will self destroy if not triggered within a few minutes.

Arrow Trap – Trip – Low cost trap that fires a single arrow in a specific direction.
Whistling Trap – Proximity – Once triggered, all undistracted dinosaurs in a quarter-mile will investigate this location.
Barrage Trap – Trip – Rapidly fires an onslaught of arrows in a broad general direction.
Smoke Trap – Proximity – Impairs vision and snares movement of the target.
Launch Trap – Proximity – Sends the target sailing into the air, prone to fall damage. (Doesn’t work on dinosaurs)

This is an incredibly welcome surprise. A while back, I saw an update from Endnight Game’s on their wonderfully cannibalistic survival game The Forest pop up on my feed. It wasn’t the updated that got me thinking about The Stomping Land, but a comment. One person commented that they were thankful for The Forest “keeping its player base update unlike that P.O.S. The Stomping Land” (very rough transcription: The comment seems to have been deleted before I could grab a screen shot).

Have a picture of Man riding a Dinosaur instead

I’d lost track of The Stomping Land, and started digging, and was surprised that I kind of agreed with that comment: The Stomping Land had gone virtually silent since launch, barring one outreach from the creator claiming that the silence was due to the games migration to a new engine. The PR manager for The Stomping Land had left, not wanting to string the community along in the face of a unresponsive and uncommunicative creator. A petition has even begun demanding refunds. The internet was, as they say, pissed.

Until yesterday (when I happened to see that tweet from @TheStompingLand), I was planning to publish a retrospective decrying the lack of communication from the devs. However, at least for the interim, I’ve been proven wrong. Jig is still there, still making content: Yes, it is at a slower pace than many of us are use to, but perhaps we are being a little too hasty and too harsh: This is indie development, and we don’t know what is happening in the guy’s life. We are use to such over communication these days via twitter and blog posts and twitch streams, that maybe we just got a bit too anxious as a community. We can only hope that the communication gets better and that updates are more frequent, but that doesn’t mean that communication will be instant, and updates will be bi-weekly. As long as the game does keep developing and getting better, I’ll be happy. Yes, Jig has to earn back a lot of good will at this point, but I’m hopeful that he can.

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