The Stomping Land Creates the Austroraptor

The Stomping Land Creates the Austroraptor

The Stomping Land is Live Streaming a new Dinosaur which we will no doubt be hunting, riding, and fleeing from when Supercrit eventually releases their indie-dinosaur-wrangling adventures!

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The Stomping Land is a multiplayer survival game where you assume the role of a tribal hunter on an island teeming with dinosaurs. The hunter must eat and drink in order to survive but he must be wary of predators that threaten his life and primary food source. To overcome this, the hunter must use the resources he gathers to upgrade his weapons, build campsites and set traps to bring down his prey. Successful hunters tame dinosaurs using them as mounts. Unsuccessful hunters meet death. Dinosaurs aren’t the only threat on the island. Other hunters are there too. Some are friendly and will want to form a tribe with you. Others are hostile and will try to kill you for your resources. Or worse, destroy your campsite and steal your totem heads. Totem heads are the means by which a tribe will tame a dinosaur. The more totem heads added to the tribes totem, the easier it is to tame larger, more terrifying dinosaurs such as the Carnotaurus

Watching the live stream of these dinosaurs being created is a really interesting look at the development process, and I’d encourage you to drop in for a bit!


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