The Road to Play NYC – Old Friends

The Road to Play NYC – Old Friends

Play NYC is on the horizon, still a ways off but fast approaching, and we are happy to announce that IndieHangover is an official media partner for this year’s show! As part of this partnership, we’ll be highlighting as many indie games as we can manage, from as many different genres and backgrounds, in the form of a weekly series.

For this first highlight, I wanted to focus on some of the developers and development teams we’ve already formed friendships with, and take a peak at what they will be bringing to this year’s PLAY NYC…

Razbury Games – From Rust

Starting with Razbury Games is kind of a tradition at this point: We followed Dean Razavi through the development of his previous game, Vidar, practically from start to finish. Now, we’re overjoyed to be doing that again with his next game, From Rust.

From Rust has me incredibly intrigued. It’s a co-op digital collectible card game, taking place in a world destroyed by possessed machines. Humanity awesome solution? Flee the land in airships, now hovering over Earth’s surface. As a lover of the post-apocalypse I’m already hooked, but I love the idea of a co-op card game, and it’s an interesting take on a genre that’s almost entirely focused on competition.

[Play NYC is] going to be only the second true public showing of From Rust. This first was DreamHack a few weeks ago, and I got a lot of good feedback that’s going into fixing the demo. Right now, the game is so early that we’re really looking to do that core community formation, playtesting, and just getting the name of the game out there We’re not at marketing or sales or anything close to that, but that’s what I’ve always liked about Playcrafting – you come at all stages. The first time I showed Vidar at Playcrafting was with default RPG Maker assets, and it grew at Playcrafting. I’m hoping the same is true for From Rust! – Dean Razavi, Founder of Razbury Games

Check out our Interview with Dean on Vidar’s Launch, and our Review of Vidar, the game in which everyone dies.  

Make sure to check out Dean’s Dev Stream every Tuesday on Twitch.

Bomb Shelter Games – Depths of Sanity


If you’d told a year ago one of the game’s I’d be most looking forward to playing was a Metroidvania under-the-sea, I’m not sure I would have believe you. However, when I first saw Depths of Sanity at last year’s PLAY NYC, I was immediately intrigued, forget the subtle lovecraftian hints, the gorgeous pixel art or the host of weapons: simply the idea of setting a metroidvania style game underwater using a submersible is so damn brilliant I am shocked no-one has used it before.

We caught up with Bomb Shelter Games at PAX East this year, and that cemented my excitement. Since Play NYC, they team had completely revitalized the UI, making the game feel more responsive, immersive and fun.

With solid gameplay, an intriguing story and fantastic aesthetic direction, Depth’s of Sanity should absolutely be on your list to visit if you’re attending Play NYC 2018.

You can download the demo of Depth’s of Sanity if you want an early look at this game. 

Juncture Media – AVARIAvs

AVARIAvs is an intriguing take on turn based combat, making the classic party based, FF-esq gameplay competitive, with each player commanding a team of characters outfit with a host of abilities and attacks.  Put this amazingly interesting take on turn-based combat and drop into a stunningly designed surreal sci-fi world, and you’ve got a recipe for something innovative and amazing.

AVARIAvs is currently in an exciting place: The summer closed beta is underway (find out more here). This means that when we catch up with Andrew at Play NYC 2018, he’s bound to have tons of interesting stories and insight into how to take AVARIAvs to the next level.

After the awesome start that the first annual Play NYC had last year, we can’t wait to see how a new venue plays into building this convention into something really amazing for NYC! – Andrew Linde, Founder of Juncture Media

Check out our Indie Dev Interview with Developer Andrew Linde here.

Want to see where it began? Check out our original Kickstarter Watch on AVARIAvs

The Sheep’s Meow – Exposure


Exposure: A Game of Camouflage was one of the most impressive and unique games I saw at the first Play NYC. You play as a shadow-like blur, able to change from black to white shades. You’re goal is to avoid being eaten, which you do by changing color to blend into the background, hunted by hungry red enemies the entire time.

Exposure, made by The Sheep’s Meow,  lie somewhere between a stealth and a puzzle game, with a significant dash of games-as-art thrown in for good measure. Its a little tough to start thinking the right way, and even tougher due to the fact that if you’re playing the game right, you shouldn’t really being seeing your character that much.

If you’re attending Play NYC 2018, do yourself a favor, find the booth, and at least try Exposure. It’s a phenomenal representation of the inventiveness of indie games and the unique mechanics they can bring to the table.

Stay tuned, as we’ll have many more previews of the indie game’s you can expect to find at this year’s Play NYC!

Play NYC 2018 will be taking place August 11th and 12th, at its new venue, The Manhattan Center, in New York City, from 10 am to 8 pm daily.
Tickets are on sale now and start at $30 per person.
 Exhibitors can now apply to be a part of the show.



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