The Howling End Calls

The Howling End Calls

Announced Yesterday, Red Hook Studios are currently working on The Howling End,  which could be more excitedly called Darkest Dungeon 2. We were huge fans on the original game, and a sequel is of course exciting, but in reading through the exclusive PC Gamer interview, there’s even more to be waiting for in rapt anticipation:

Red Hook Studios shared that the combat will be largely the same as in the first game, but will be “tuned up,” but that the meta-game will be “completely different.”  The manor village of the first game will be left behind as we’ll be braving more chilling climes that will require both the light and warmth of our torches.

We don’t know anything about The Howling End, but it seem like we’ll be exploring it with some familiar faces, as silhouettes of the Grave Robber, Man-at-Arms, Highwayman, Hellion, Leper, and Plague Doctor are all seen in the game’s trailer.

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