The End Is Near For Consoles, We Are Doomed Out Now

we are doomed vertex pop

Life is great, especially when you no longer have to wait for PAX or the Seattle Indie Expo to roll around for your annual chance to play “We Are Doomed“. We’ve followed this glorious beauty since it appeared on a tiny little stand on the edge of the Indie Megabooth Minibooth in Boston years ago.

And now… Vertex Pop’s amazing twin stick shooter is available for the PS4 today, Xbox One April 17th, and Steam for you PC/Mac gamers on the 21st.

Its frantic geometric beautifulness mixed with an outstanding amount of gameplay polish by the talented Mobeen “Mo” Fikree.

It’s accessible and easy to pick up and play by just about anyone, and enjoyable by those who generally dislike twin-stick shooters.

Add in Ryan Roth’s skilled sound design and a prodigious soundtrack from Robby Duguay (that whole-heartedly deserves to be purchased on its own and pushed through big comfy headphones), and you have all the makings for a marvelous experience in a genre that often gets overlooked.

Get all the things now: Vertex Pop “We Are Doomed”, Robby Duguay Soundtrack


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