The End Comes for Don’t Starve

The End Comes for Don’t Starve
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Not THE End, just The End, as in of all things. Tomorrow brings with it the latest update for Don’t Starve, Klie Entertainment’s Indie Survival game, named “The End is Nigh”. This update has a few very important changes:

 If you’re looking for a less cryptic rundown of what’s in store, here’s the short list, courtesy of the Don’t Starve Wiki

 –Maxwell’s Door will spawn with Trees and Evil Flowers around. The Bishop may be removed.

– Adventure mode spawns will be improved with more things around like Tent and Berry Bushes

– Tracks will be only cosmetic

– Walking Cane – Will speed the player up, no durability

– Pig Kings aren´t surrounded by Obelisks now, but by Pig Torches with Guardian Pigs

– Merm-Head-on-a-stick

– Rundown Houses and Killer Bee Hives will be more frequent maybe

– Maxwell’s Tooth Trap will be nerfed (gives you 34 damage instead of 60)

– Maxwell world (one of themed island in andventure)

– Support for Apple and Linux and their logos with the Windows logo might be in the game 

– New tree skin in forest

-New starting menu asthetics 

Don’t know what any of this means? Well, it may be time to pick up the game while it is still on sale during its beta. I managed to pick up Don’t Starve on Sunday night, and I’ve already put in 6 hours.  The game oozes atmosphere, and is addictive to boot. I managed to survive into my first winter, but my supply of jerky and charcoal is getting low. Shadows creep out from the night, threatening to snuff out my existence. The nights get ever longer, and only my good friend Otto van Chesterfield is here to keep me company….

Man, I’m already far too into this game…

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