The Antiquarian enters Darkest Dungeon

The Antiquarian enters Darkest Dungeon

Today, a major new build has come to Darkest Dungeon…sort of….

Red Hook have decided to handle their updates in a different way, though their reasoning is quite sound:

We are doing this update a little differently than some of you may be used to; we will be deploying the update to our public beta branch “coming_in_hot”. For the next few days the Antiquarian Update will live on this beta branch – to access the content, players will need to opt-in. Once you opt in you cannot go back to the older build. After a couple of days of allowing the community to test the new systems and submit bug/feedback, we will tweak/adjust & make it live for all our players in the main branch, at which point beta players can safely switch back to the release build.

To opt into the Public Beta Branch:

  1. Right Click on Darkest Dungeon in your Steam Library
  2. Select Properties
  3. Select BETAs tab
  4. In the dropdown box select “coming_in_hot”
  5. Close the Properties Window

It might take a moment for it to switch over, but you should see it download the update.

We want to start handling all our major updates this way as it helps leverage what was so great about our time in Early Access, namely: our community. Since the game is ‘released’ we want to maintain a stable build for all our players. Allowing the update to percolate a bit in the beta branch gives us a chance to pivot and course-correct based on your feedback.

So, The Antiquarian is available in this beta build, though wont’ be available in the main game for a few days until balance has been ensured.

Who is the Antiquarian you ask?

The Antiquarian is a new Hero available in Darkest Dungeon who is less focused on fighting, and more focused on collecting trinkets of terrible, eldritch power:

Whereas most classes come looking for a fight, the Antiquarian is only interested in collecting treasures found in the dungeons.  She is not proficient in combat, instead adding value to the party by increasing its profitability!  Don’t rely on her to dish out the punishment – she has no training whatsoever in terms of martial ability.

Here’s a look at The Antiquarian and her skills, both combat and camping, in the current beta build form:

A Brand New Antiquarian, Fresh Off The Stagecoach



Antiquarian Lore via The Guild, The Blacksmith and The Survivalist


Combat SkillsDD_Antiquarian_CombatSkills Camping Skills



This update was originally supposed to add Town Events as well, but these have been delayed, as detailed in the March Darkest Dungeon Update:

We have decided to delay Town Events, for two major reasons:

Community Input.Our community is incredible!  Since starting up work on Town Events, we’ve been reading great suggestions and ideas. While the original plan would have been fine, there is increasing excitement around the feature and consequently, we want a little more time to make the system more robust.  This will also allow us to look at implementing some of our community-generated ideas!


Grind. Losing high level parties can be a big hurdle to come back from, and this discourages some people from continuing with the late game. While we fully intend to keep the overall deadliness in the game, there are a couple things we are looking at and we feel that it is important to take some action on that front prior to introducing new unrelated features.  Specifically, we are looking at making some higher level heroes available in the Stagecoach in certain conditions, as well as some other tweaks.

Here are the full Patch notes, which can also be found on the Darkest Dungeon forums here:





The Antiquarian Update – Build #13843 PATCH NOTES:

  • New Class: Antiquarian!
  • New Stage Coach upgrade tree: higher level heroes to recruit!
  • Quest Rewards: Heirloom type is no longer tied to each region. Instead, a random heirloom reward is generated for each individual quest.
  • Heirloom Exchange: trade heirlooms in town! You lose a little in each trade, but this is a quick fix to get that upgrade you really need.
  • Town upgrade pricing adjustments:
    • reduced crest costs for Nomad and Survivalist
    • reduced deed costs in blacksmith
    • slightly increased deed costs in Stage Coach
    • increased crest usage in most buildings by 25%
    • added costs for new stagecoach upgrade tree
  • Trophy Trinkets now find their way back to the hamlet after losing one.
    • This means also means Trophy Trinkets will now reward retroactively.
  • changed never again buff to 50% (was 30%)
  • Roster Size Increase: 9/12/16/20/24/28


Class Changes


  • Duelist Advance
    • Added Riposte
  • Open Vein
    • Added Bleed Resist Debuff
  • Wicked Slice
    • Increased DMG mod to +15%
  • Increased Min Damage for L4/L5 weapons from 7/8 to 9/8
  • HP changed from 22/26/30/34/38 to 23/28/33/38/43


  • Field Dressing now always heals for 35% and has a 50% chance to heal for 50%
  • Blind Fire
    • Bonus SPD changes from 5/6/7/8/9 to 4/5/6/7/8 SPD
    • Now applies even on Miss

Misc Fixes

  • Added Never Again bearers to roster group when sorting by Level
  • Added Characters in party to be grouped up when sorting roster by activity.
  • Removed ability to use Firewood while in the middle of camping, thus starting a new camp. You can no longer camp, while you camp, even though you all like to camp.
  • Added NG+ Crest to Embark and Provisioning screens.
  • Added The Siren’s version of the Cove Music to the Soundtrack DLC.
  • Backer Heroes and Trinkets are now unique to the estate and can be reacquired after losing one.
  • Fix to Abominations who stayed in beast form after being teleported out of combat.
  • Fix to Narrator lines not playing when starting New Game +
  • Fixed to NG+ tutorial using wrong backgrounds.
  • Fixed Cursor selection issues around Party Roster on Embark/Provisions screen.
  • Attempt at fixing problem where secret room icon on the map disappears.
  • Fixed roster entry splat when looking at a hero in the guild or blacksmith.
  • UI polish when selecting combat/camping skills in the character screen and when selecting a hero to go into the guild/blacksmith or to display the character screen.
  • Added secret room scout sound.
  • You can no longer sell 0 value trinkets.
  • Fix plot quest order so crypts tutorial shows up first crypts.
  • Fixed Heart Attack Achievement to proc off of any death resulting from a heart attack.
  • Fixed “Dysfunction: Kill any boss with a party of four afflicted heroes” not counting on DD bosses.
  • Fix for Fungal Giant’s Confusion Spore skill chance

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