PAX Indie Spotlight: Skibum

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Like Knee Deep, a little game called Skibum, being created by Quebec City based development team Blobstone, was a surprise find for me at PAX East 2016. Skibum sounds like, and in many ways is, a very simple game: a snowboarding/skiing game with a Minecraft meets the 80’s aesthetic. However, when the first laser-shooting mecha-godzilla starts following you down the… Read more »

PAX Indie Spotlight: Tooth & Tail

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I’d heard quite a bit about Tooth & Tail before seeing it in person at PAX East 2016. I’d seen artwork and updates online via Pocketwatch Games and Adam deGrandis, and heard the incredibly favorable reviews the indie RTS had received at GDC, but none of that really matters when it is up against seeing… Read more »

PAX Spotlight & Kickstarter: ROKH

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At this years PAX East, there were, for me, two dueling space survival sandbox games. While Astroneer has erred on the side of the bright, wide-eyed and inviting side of exploring, ROKH, being developed by Darewise Entertainment, takes the space exploration in a more realistic, complex and at times, terrifying direction. Launching it’s Kickstarter today, Rokh… Read more »

PAX Indie Spotlight: ASTRONEER

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I’ve been following Astroneer for a while now and PAX East 2016 was my first chance to see the game in person. A colorful, vast game of space exploration, I don’t mind admitting I have high hopes for Astroneer. The way the game is being built promises diverse challenges and opportunities, and the all important addition… Read more »

PAX Indie Spotlight: KLANG

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KLANG was a game the intrigued me when I first saw it, but had me a little worried at the same time. Fantastic music and visuals cannot save a rhythm game if the mechanics aren’t solid. More so than any other genre of games, in a rhythm game, your controls have to be tight as… Read more »