Spotlight: Heart. Papers. Border.

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Heart. Papers. Border. is an optimistic game casting you as a travel blogger. It explores the idea of travel, immigration, and borders in a hopeful way, has a great foundation to build on and is currently on Steam Greenlight.

Skara Launches into F2P Early Access

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Skara: The Blade Remains is available now of Steam Early Access to play for Free! A competitive team-based melee combat game set in an original fantasy world, Skara has definitely caught our attention.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Alpha

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I honestly was trying to come up with some clever hook with that title. Really, I was,┬ábut nothing I came up with did justice to the bizarre creation that is Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Landfall Game, who are also making Clustertruck (yes, this should tell you a lot about them), have created…well…a totally accurate battle… Read more »

GO WATCH: Everything About TUG

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Sometimes, every once in a while, there’s a game that comes along that not only gets you excited, but does something more. These are the games that, once you hear about them, you realize what’s been missing in your game library all these years. Today, Nerd Kingdom released a video detailing many of the design… Read more »