SURPRISE! Morphies Law is Here!

SURPRISE! Morphies Law is Here!

There was some surprising news out of this year’s Gamescom Nintendo Indie Highlights: Cosmoscope’s bizarre physics shooter Morphies Law is getting a surprise launch TODAY on the Nintendo Switch, live at 19:00 CEST. (Don’t worry, a PC release will be coming later this year.)


In Morphies Law, with each weapon hit you grow and your enemy shrinks. Land a headshot and your enemies head will shrink while yours grows, pull off a bunch of leg shots and see where your giant legs can take you, or use your tiny body to hide in secret passages, ready for an ambush.

Morphies Law is a unique game, to say the least; the concept of mass stealing, where each weapon hit transfers mass from the body part of the target to the same body part of the attacker, is an inventive way to turn the shooter genre on it’s head, and a interesting way to self balance each game, as skilled players will naturally get bigger and easier to hit, while new player will shrink and become difficult targets.

A Day One Patch will be released later today, and after that, a limited edition babyface skin will be available during the first two days.

Players can claim this skin by redeeming this in-game code: earlymorphie.


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