Supergiant’s Transistor To Make Console Debut On PS4

Supergiant’s Transistor To Make Console Debut On PS4
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As you could probably already tell from our coverage and interviews with Darren Korb and Greg Kasavin, we’re absolutely in love with Supergiant’s upcoming title Transistor. While our hands-on at PAX East 2013 was nothing short of outstanding, we are even more pleased to hear Transistor will launch on both PC (Steam) and PS4. 

In a recent interview with Joystiq, Supergiant’s Greg Kasavin goes on to state that Transistor will not be limited to just the simultaneous launch on PC and PS4, but may see further platforms in the future:

Bastion‘s success was not made on any one platform. That being said, our focus is absolutely on a successful PS4 launch and also our Steam PC launch, because if that does not go well, there will not be other versions of the game, most likely and so forth.

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