Streamline Enters Closed Beta

Streamline Enters Closed Beta

Announced earlier today, Proletariat’s Streamline is entering closed beta. Streamline is another one of the indie games coming out, alongside much of  tinyBuild is doing and personal favorite Upsilon Circuit, that’s truly embracing twitch culture. Billing itself as the “Stream First” genre, Streamline has clearly done its homework and collaborated with streamers to deliver a game tailor made for broadcasters and their audience.



Streamline is a multiplayer action game for PC that has pushed boundaries of gameplay in the Stream First genre—games that integrate directly with live streaming platforms like Twitch. Streamline uses the Twitch platform to connect players and live broadcasters with their viewers, creating a completely new entertainment experience.

Streamline also represents this idea thematically. Its bright characters co-opt public spaces to project an augmented reality playspace and collect holographic items, while viewers use a dashboard called “Streamote” to affect the players in real-time, covering the floor with digital lava or adding pixelated concrete shoes to their feet.

The developers of Streamline have spent the past year working with hundreds of Twitch broadcasters including Aureylian, Swiftor, Criken, MinnieMorgan, Pungence, dasMehdi, and their communities to determine which features would be most beneficial to this new experience.

It’s interesting to see the different responses Indie Developers are having to the growing Twitch market. Building games for an audience, and specifically with audience interaction in mind, is one more venue small development teams to generate a community.

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