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Today, Eagre Games announced that Stephen Russell has joined their team to provide voice work for ZED.

When you hear the name Stephen Russell, you might be thinking “Okay, Who?”, but you’re sure to know a couple of the famous characters he’s lent his voice to. Stephen was the voice of gaming’s greatest Thief, Garrett, in Theif 2, and more recently the raspy voice of Synth Gumshoe Nick Valentine in Fallout 4, as well as your faithful Robot Butler Codsworth.

Here are Creative Director Chuck Carter’s (who we recently interviewed) thoughts on this bit of big news:

“I think it’s an excellent opportunity to round out our talent pool. For such a small company, we’re extremely fortunate to have professional-level talent in all aspects of our production, and Stephen’s voice acting has brought life to every character he’s worked on. We look forward to incorporating his highly talented voice acting into our game.”Chuck Carter

Stephen will be giving a voice to the Dreamer, whose mind you’ll be wandering through and trying to piece together in ZED.

ZED is in the final three days of its funding period, and is very close to its funding goal, having raised $45,029 of the $48,000 goal at time of writing.

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